Hip Hop Abs: No More Crunches or Sit-Ups?

Hip Hop Abs

There’s a lot of us out there who want to get into shape but really hate the idea of exercising.

If this sounds familiar it’s time to take a closer look at Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs workout program.

You don’t even have to leave your house to go to a gym.

Hip Hop Abs combines fun cardio, hip hop dancing with targeted ab sculpting moves to create a fun, fast paced, hip hop dance party in your own living room.

It won’t even feel like you are working out as you dance your way to a toned, flat, sexy stomach and burn away the fat.

Using Shaun T’s breakthrough Absolute Engagement technique, you’ll “Tilt, Tuck, & Tighten” your way to perfect abs.

Don’t think you can dance?

No problem!

Shaun T will guide you through all the moves.

There’s nothing too complex here, just fun, energetic, and easy-to-follow dance routines that really engage your abs.

When Shaun T created Hip Hop Abs, a workout program specifically designed to target your abs.

The Hip Hop Abs Workout quickly became America’s #1 fitness workout on TV.

Due to popular demand, he’s also created Hip Hop Abs™ Dance Party Series workouts, as well as the Hip Hop Abs™ Ultimate Results program and his most recent endeavor is the new extreme Insanity Workout.

Hip Hop Abs Includes…

4 Hip Hop Abs workouts to get you fit while having fun!

Hip Hop Abs:  Secrets to Flat Abs

Shaun T’s exclusive training techniques target your upper abs, lower abs, and oblique’s while you burn fat.

Here Shaun will share with you the secret of Hip Hop Abs — Shaun T’s Three Ts: “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten.”

(13 minutes)

Hip Hop Abs:  Fat Burning Cardio

Burn calories and lose fat with fun, hip hop dance moves and hit music you hear on the radio.

(30 minutes)

Hip Hop Abs:  Ab Sculpt

In this Hip Hop Abs workout Shaun reveals even more dance moves that will help to get that six-pack you’ve always wanted – without ever having to do even one single sit-up or crunch.

(25 minutes)

Hip Hop Abs:  Total Body Burn

Raise the roof with this total body workout that combines cardio, body sculpting and even more ab-dance exercises.

(45 minutes)

  • Step-by-Step Nutrition helps you make the right food choices, eat healthy and lose weight.
  • 30-Day Power Tracker to show you what days to do what routines over the next 30 days of the program.
  • Free online access to stay motivated and connect with other Hip Hop Abs users and get tips and advice to stay on track.

Hip Hop Abs also includes…

Hips, Buns, and Thighs

This extra workout helps to target other areas of the body all with the same fun hip hop energy of the ab workouts.

(25 minutes)

Results on the Run Diet Guide

Shaun T shows you how to eat healthy on the run and maintain the results you’ve achieved from the Hip Hop Abs workouts. Learn to eat guilt free at all your favorite fast food restaurants.

6-day SlimDown Plan

This plan will give you a jump start on your weight loss by helping you to lose up to 3 inches off your waist in the first week of using Hip Hop Abs.

Measurement card & tape measure

Track your weight loss progress with these tools and watch the inches melt away!

Last Minute Abs™

With this 5 minute ab routine you can always get a workout in!

Plus, you also get 3 extra Hip Hop Abs Routines…

Learn to Dance with Shaun T!

These Hip Hop Abs videos focus on exciting new moves from the hottest hip hop choreographers today.

  • Take It to the Dance Floor
  • Hip Hop Groove
  • Last Minute Dance
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