What Is Zumba?


Zumba fitness is the new fitness hype all around the world, and not without a good reason!

You want that perfect body, but do not want to work out in the fitness school all day?

Then Zumba is the solution for you.

Zumba is dancing and swinging on Latin music.

You don’t even notice that you are actually burning calories and losing weight, it is so much fun!

Losing weight and being active?

Probably everybody’s intention, but many of us already gave up.

It’s so hard to stop eating all that nice food we can find everywhere.

But not to worry anymore, the solution is here.

Colombian fitness trainer Alberto Perez has the solution; he makes everybody addicted to his newest invention, Zumba!

Already America is addicted, from young till old, even the celebrities are doing this.

And the reason?

Zumba is fun! After a couple of weeks you will notice the difference, you will lose weight and get a killer body!


Zumba means ‘moving fast and having fun’.

It is a combination of fitness- and dance moves on swinging latin music.

Salsa, Flamenco and zumba-dancing Merengue, everything is possible.

Even Hip Hop Zumba is now popular!

Every Zumba lesson is one big party, you don’t even notice you are actually working out and losing weight, it’s just like going to the club!

No hard choreography’s, Zumba is there for everybody who loves swinging on music!

Zumba lessons are already available in over 40 countries, and this number is growing each day…

Zumba Lesson

During the warming up you immediately get hyped by the stimulating Latin Dance music.

Up-tempo and slow rhythms interchange each other, interval training is proven to be the best way to effectively lose weight!

It’s like being in sunny Colombia when you are dancing!

Zumba is addictive and you want more each time.

Every lesson brings an unforgettable workout.

You want to get your next work out as soon as possible!

See what Zumba has to offer.

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