The Insanity Workout Can Give You Insane Results!


Insanity was designed with one objective in mind:  get outstanding results FASTER than any other workout program ever created.

The Insanity Workout is a 60 day, extreme conditioning program that will completely transform your body—in a hurry.

Insanity is taking the home workout industry by storm and has definitely earned it’s reputation for being “insane.”

So, lets dig deeper here and get into the details.

How Does Insanity Work?

Using his college track and field training, combined with his experience as a professional trainer, Shaun T has created a unique approach to getting fit—fast.

The technique is called MAX interval training.

Unlike traditional interval training, Shaun T takes you through long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with very short bursts of resting.

During each workout, you’ll be switching between aerobic and anaerobic intervals working at your maximum energy level.

You can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour with the Insanity Workout program.

We’re talking unreal results in only 60 days. Check out the video to the left to take a sneak peak at the technique.

Insanity Workout Includes…

Insanity Workout Fitness Guide…

The Insanity Workout Fitness Guide is concise and to the point.

It’s going to give you a little background on how the program was designed, and a full breakdown of what to expect from month 1 and month 2 of the program.

It outlines steps to get started and offers tips and suggestions to get you prepared for the intensity of the Insanity Workout.

The Insanity workout is a journey into transformation. It’s not for everyone. It will put your mind and body to the ultimate test.

If you’re dedicated and ready for the challenge, you won’t find any other workout system that will give you these kinds of results in such a short amount of time—period.

Insanity Workout Elite Nutrition Guide…

If you think working out alone (even at the intensity of the Insanity Workout) is enough, think again!

While exercise at any degree will get your body in better shape, you need to get a handle on your daily diet. This is where a lot of folks ultimately fall short.

And, lets also get something straight for the record.

This does not mean STARVE yourself!  In fact, not eating can actually have the reverse effect!

Eating several balanced meals a day actually engages your metabolism, allowing your body to continue burning calories.

On top of that, when you’re involved in an intense workout regimen, like the Insanity Workout, your body NEEDS fuel to perform at it’s best.

The bottom line is, you need to eat, but you need to eat the right way…

That’s where the Insanity Workout Nutrition Guide comes in.

You won’t be left in the dark wondering what foods are the right foods, or even how much and when you should be eating. We’ve got you covered.

The Nutrition Guide is a customized eating plan that starts with calculating your current caloric needs and then offers an extensive list of recommended foods, and provides daily meals and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

It guides you through month 1 and month 2 of the program.

When you move into the second month, your workouts change and thus, so does your nutrition plan.

You won’t be stuck eating the same thing everyday either, it’s flexible and customizable to work for you. The Insanity Workout Elite Nutrition Guide, in effect, takes the guess work out of eating right.

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